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Kachina was born in London, England. She spent her childhood traveling around the world with bands from the time she was 2 weeks old, alongside her mother, Jody Linscott who is a percussionist. She plays with many great and talented performers including Elton John, The Who, Tom Jones, and Dido. Kachina loves being around musicians, gigs and instruments and travelling and experiencing cultures. She moved to Ontario, Canada to finish school, where she lived with her father, Gregg Dechert, who is a musician as well. He played keyboards for lots of people including Bad Company, Uriah Heep and David Gilmore. He still enjoys performing music for his fans. After finishing high school, Kachina moved to Boston and joined a construction company, crafting wood-work, painting, building stone walls and driving excavators. Watching her parents entertain their fans with incredible energy and love continues to inspire her.

An introductory acting class in NYC led to shorts, independents, theatre, commercials, features, and ads, both print and fashion. She’s been a stunt woman for three years showing her capabilities on film and TV working as a double for Mila Kunis, Eva Mendes and Salma Hayek. She appears on Person of Interest and Gotham. She has always enjoyed music and plays the drums with the same passion and excitement with which she lives her life.


Kachina Dechert

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